IT Asset Purchasing, Sales, and Liquidation

Find out what your unwanted IT equipment is worth

About us


We'll buy your working and nonworking IT equipment.  Whether you have Cisco, HP, Juniper,  Adtran, Calix, Arris, Motorola, Dell, Zhone, Amino, Entone, ADB, Polycom, Allied Telesys, or anything else not in service please let us know!  Blue Sky Telco will provide free pickup when possible and we pay shipping when it's not!


If you're looking to reduce costs by using refurbished, third party, new surplus, or otherwise secondary market equipment please reach out for a quote and we'll be delighted to assist you!


The world of IT is constantly evolving which means what is cutting edge today is outdated tomorrow.  Recoup some of the cost and allow us to liquidate your obsolete and nonworking equipment.  We're always happy to provide free pickup for anyone remotely local.